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: 2009 | 11
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Pink Floyd

: Rock
Back Against The Wall

: 2005 : 25
Pigs & Pyramids

: 2003 : 11
Pickin' On Pink Floyd: A Bluegrass Tribute

: 2001 : 12
Archives. Echoes Live 70-71

: 2001 : 4
Blue Floyd

: 2000 : 16
Take It Back

: 1994 : 2
The Division Bell

: 1994 : 11
Early Singles (1967-1968)

: 1992 : 10
A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

: 1987 : 10
The Final Cut

: 1983 : 12
Works (1968-1973)

: 1983 : 10
A Collection Of Great Dance Songs

: 1981 : 6
The Wall (CD 1)

: 1979 : 12
The Wall (CD 2)

: 1979 : 13

: 1977 : 5
Wish You Were Here

: 1975 : 5
Wish You Were Here

: 1975 : 5
The Dark Side Of The Moon

: 1973 : 10
Obscured By Clouds

: 1972 : 6

: 1971 : 6

: 1971 : 11
Atom Heart Mother

: 1970 : 4

: 1969 : 12
A Saucerful Of Secrets

: 1968 : 7
The First 3 Singles

: 1967 : 6
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

: 1967 : 11
Zabriskie Point (CD 1)

: 0 : 11

: 0 : 13
Live At Live 8 (CD 2)

: 0 : 16
Another Brick In The Wall, Pt 2 (2011 Remaster)
: 3:49: 320: 8.73
Louder Than Words
: 6:30: 320: 14.97
The Wall
: 0:51: 128: 0.78
Pink Floyd
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I??ve stated it before and I??ll say it again: The workplace is receiving social. Enterprise computer software agencies are taking a page or 3 from the likes of Facebook and Twitter to create social [url=http://www.mcmjapansalehelp.com/#40255688]エムシーエム[/url] http://www.mcmjapansalehomes.com/ streams that hold men and women informed about what??s going on inside a provider.1 on the social enterprise corporations acquiring a fair amount of buzz is Yammer. Initially identified as a ???Twitter for function,?? it??s now transforming itself into one thing of a catchall for updates generated by quite a few workplace applications.Today, Yammer will announce that it\'s going to work with a further application, and it??s a major a single: Salesforce.com. The people at Yammer utilised Force.com ?a Salesforce??s development platform ?a and Yammer??s own API to grab activity stream data from inside Salesforce. Sales leads, bargains, marketing and advertising campaigns and all sorts of other activity that gets entered into Salesforce.com become objects which will seem straight within a Yammer stream, which can be primarily as simple to hold track of and interact with as a Facebook stream.The fact is, a Facebook stream is just what Yammer CEO David Sacks compares it to. ???A few months ago we released an activity stream API that lets any application push activity stories into Yammer, the same way that Zynga can push products just like the most recent Mafia Wars score into your Facebook stream,?? he says. Yammer did the integration with enable from Appirio, a cloud apps developer that gets tapped to perform lots of third-party integration operate.But doesn??t Salesforce already have its own social software? Why, yes it does. Its Chatter.com service launched to substantially fanfare having a pair of aired through the Super Bowl, which in turn kicked off a bit of a that Yammer took portion in.It??s not as if Yammer were partnering with Salesforce here. Sacks says that Yammer just, nicely, did it. ???The good factor concerning the open API globe that we reside in is that you don??t necessarily need to seek permission to utilize these APIs.??The wider point of Yammer, Sacks says, should be to pull social data not only from 1 application, but from quite a few. Not absolutely everyone in a company is going to be making use of Salesforce.com inside the very first spot. The sales department could possibly, and senior management may well, but it??s of little use to, say, the human resources division or the accounting division. So Yammer talks to other applications, too. Case in point: Netsuite. Yammer announced an integration with that cloud-based enterprise management suite of applications in Might possibly. 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